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OUR COMMITTEE 2019 - 2020

GREG BOOTH- Club President

CYNDY RABIE - Club  Treasurer


GREG BOOTH - Club President



Club Vice Captain

BARRY J PORTER - Club Captain

Sean Conlin - Club Handicapper



Club Vice Captain

BARRY J PORTER - Club Captain

Greg Booth. Club President

Email: president@araluengolfclub.com.au

More information to follow.


Sean Conlin. Club Handicapper

Araluen Golf Club Member Since: 1995

Mobile: 0407 196 563

Email: handicapper@araluengolfclub.com.au

Current GA Handicap: 12.7

Lowest Handicap Reached: 10.4

Competitions Won:

Araluen Plate

B Grade Match Play Championship

Roger Mckay Cup

Mothers Day Trophy

Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Camping.

Married with two teenage children. Have lived on the Arauluen Estate since 1996 when we built our home here. This is my 2nd stint on the committee having previously performed various roles of Treasurer

Captain and President. I think Araluen is one of the best kept secrets in Perth.

SEAN CONLIN - Club Handicapper






Committee Member

GLORIA GREEN - Committee Member

CYNDY RABIE - Club  Treasurer

Committee Member

GLORIA GREEN - Committee Member

Gloria Green. Committee Member

Araluen Golf Club member since: January 1996

Current Golf Australia Handicap: 19.4

Lowest Handicap reached: 17

Competitions Won: "C" Grade Club Champion

"C" Grade Match Play Champion

Monthly Mugs

Occupation: Office Manager at Custombuilt Homes

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Sewing & Golf


Barry J Porter. Club Captain.

Email: captain@araluengolfclub.com.au

Mobile: 0439 899 968

Araluen Golf Club member since: September 2009

Current Golf Australia Handicap: 21

Lowest handicap reached: 17.5

Competitions Won: I have won the NAGA with an odd place on the winners platform on my better days. I enjoy the time on the course where my main competition is myself and watching others succeed brings pleasure.

Occupation: Manufacturing manager, process technician and farmer. Retired.

Hobbies: Golf, Motor cycle touring, Rotary.

I commenced playing golf during the 60's as a junior at about 9 years of age. Golf was irregular with other sports taking priority, eventually in high school I discontinued due to work followed by family commitments. Around 1998 I began playing social and charity events on an irregular basis. I returned to regular golf in 2004 at a small rural golf club at Boxwood Hill WA where I had purchased a farming property. This club only operated during winter and was a social outlet for the rural community.

In 2009 I returned to Roleystone and purchased a property adjacent to the Araluen Golf Resort. Since then I have played regularly with mixed outcomes, reducing my handicap for a period before leveling and currently slipping back as previous football injuries begin to impact my fitness.

Availability, due to semi retirement, saw me join the ACC committee in 2013 which has helped me understand the finer points of golf ( not really ).

I'm keen to see the club remain a respected body where enjoying the social and competitive elements of golf is encouraged for the benefit of all members whatever their ability or aspirations.

RAY HARRIS - Committee Member


RAY HARRIS - Committee Member

Ray Harris. Committee Member

Mobile: 0407 634 442

Email 1: newsletter@araluengolfclub.com.au

Email 2: webmaster@araluengolfclub.com.au

Current GA Handicap: 19.7

Lowest Handicap Reached: 16.4

Competitions Won: None

Hobbies: Golf, Computers, Wine, Good Food.

Born within the sound of Bow Bells London I'm a true "Cockney", however having moved to Australia in 1982 with my wife Denise we both became Australian Citizens on 30th June 1989 and now consider Australia home.

I've owned a few businesses over the years some more succsessful than others but sold my main one, "Eureka 4WD Training" to my accountant of 15 years in 2008 and "Campfire Escapes" to my mate in 2009 whilst having a game of golf.

I've been trying to play golf since I was a teenager but with very limited success and time. I now live on the Araluen Golf Resort Estate and am able to spend more time trying to improve my game.

I'm looking forward to assisting the Araluen Golf Club as a Committee member.


Cyndy Rabie. Club Treasurer.

Araluen Golf Club member since: July 2009

Email: treasurer@araluengolfclub.com.au

Current Golf Australia Handicap: 24

Lowest handicap reached: 24

Competitions Won: I have won the Autumn Cup, Monthly Mug and the Pairs Championships twice. I have also received the NAGA on a couple of occasions.

Occupation: Previously employed in Project Management. I'm now devoted to family and golf events on a voluntary basis.

Hobbies: Golf, Yoga, Pilates, Gym and Cooking.

I played golf in South Africa for a short time at my husband’s request as he wanted me to keep my feet on the ground rather than sky diving which was my passion.

When we moved to Australia I played irregularly but discovering glowing balls at twilight golf at Leinster in the gold fields was fun and made me more focused on the fun of golf.

Moving to Araluen in 2007 and joining the Araluen Country Club (ACC) led to regular golf and involvement with ACC through committee roles with Treasurer being my current role.

My enjoyment of organising events led to me volunteering to co-ordinate the women’s open day, supported by other members. Success led to further events being proposed and run by our team with this now being a passion.


Position Vacant

Greg Walkington. Temporary Vice Captain

Recently retired from  the  Armadale  Financial Advisory practice that my wife Robyn and I conducted for 42 years with the great assistance of our staff and continuing support of our clients .

I joined the Araluen Country Club (ACC) about 15 years ago after an invitation from Roy Hamilton. I was a member of the Armadale and Districts Golf Club previously .

I really enjoy golf for fun and friendship plus being a walker it helps with my fitness as we do the 9.8 kms. amongst the fantastic natural surroundings of our great and very unique course.

As someone who has always been actively involved in community groups such as Rotary Armadale,  junior sporting clubs and Business Armadale I was quite happy to accept a nomination to stand for the committee now I have a bit more time. I am also keen to see our club interact with other golf clubs in our region which should lead to more visitors experiencing Araluen Golf.

I encourage all members to contact me with any suggestions and concerns and would love to hear from visitors and potential new members if they don't already have a contact within ACC.

You won't know until you give it a go.

Position Vacant