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Club competitions are generally held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Special competitions may be arranged on Public Holidays. Refer to the booking sheets on the Araluen OneGolf booking systems for details and Tee times for all competitions.

All tee times and bookings are to be made initialy on our OneGolf booking site.

Wednesdays: - Tees are reserved each Wednesday from:

     Morning competition – 7.30 am

     Afternoon Competition – 11.40 am

Saturdays: - Tees are reserved each Saturday from:

     Summer – 6.30am

     Winter – 7.00am

Sundays: Contact the Pro Shop for availability and tee times.

Tee times and bookings for Public Holidays are the same as Sunday bookings above.

Some events may also be setup as “walk – in” competitions which means you can either enter like normal for the first nominated time slots. If you want to play outside those times you must book a playing time with the Resort. To be included in the competition you MUST tee off prior to 3pm in the winter and 4pm in the summer. If all slots are full please contact a member of committee.

Tees: Blue, White and Red markers –– men’s tees. See official slope rating for the various tees.

White and Red markers – women’s tees. See official slope rating for the various tees.

Entry Sheets: - The Araluen Country Club Inc  uses a MiGolf computer system for bookings.

Bookings should be made by the member themselves. Members are encouraged to remove themselves from the booking sheet if they are unavailable to play. If members move their name to a different time slot, it is considered good etiquette to notify the remaining players or player.

If the competition has closed, and in extenuating circumstances, bookings and cancellations may be made by contacting a member of the committee. Notifying the Pro-shop is considered good golf etiquette, but cancellations must be made to a committee member.  Failure to cancel bookings appropriately may result in a “No Score – Not Approved” lodged. Repeated no-shows will be subject to disciplinary action determined by the committee.

Booking for guests without a Golflink handicap must normally be organized via a committee member.

Competition Fees: - Players may be required to present their Golf Link Card and must pay their competition fees in the Pro Shop before they are issued their scorecard. Failure to follow this procedure may result in disqualification. If you enter a competition and do not cancel the competition fee is still payable.

Reporting to the Starter:- All players must report to the Pro Shop at least 15 minutes before their allocated tee off time. They must be on the tee ready to play 5 minutes before their tee off time.

Slow Play:-The lowest handicapper has responsibility for the group and is to ensure the group moves without delay. Groups will be advised a preferred playing time for each event and should use their best endeavours not to exceed the time allocated to them. The Committee will, at its discretion, penalize all players of a group for slow play.

Control: - The Committee has sole jurisdiction in ALL decisions concerning control of play or any disputes in competition. All complaints in relation to golf matters must not be made to any other party other than the Committee, which if unable to resolve the issue, may refer it to the relevant authority.

Handicapping: - Handicaps are assessed in accordance with the Rules of the Golf Australia. Players must ensure they record the correct handicap on their scorecard (Rule 6.2) Players are responsible for noting changes made to their handicap. Failure to record the correct handicap may result in disqualification. Failure to return a sufficient number of signed cards will result in the Member’s Australian handicap lapsing.

Count-backs: - The following system will normally be used in the event of a tie in a competition. (As per OneGolf or as noted below)

For 9 hole events: - The best score for the last 6 holes shall be used. If there is still a tie, then last 3 holes. If a tie still exists then hole by hole from the last hole (9th).

For 18 hole events: - The best score for the last 9 holes (10 to 18) shall be used. If there is still a tie, count back as for 9 hole events, except the hole by hole counts back from the last hole (18th).

For 36, 54 and 72 hole events: - The best score for the last 18 holes shall be used. If there is still a tie, count-back as for 18 hole events.

In handicap events the player’s handicap will apply at each hole (where it would be normally allocated) during any count-back considerations.

Marking cards: - To assist the Committee all players are required to clearly print their name on both their scorecard and the one they have marked. Please ensure that the score cards are correct and signed they are submitted. Any card wrongly marked, incomplete or unsigned etc. may be subject to disqualification. Cards should be returned to the duty Committee person, as soon as possible after the round. (After fully completing the card). Players must also enter their score via the computer as part of the process of returning their card.

Rules: - It is important that all competitors know and play according to the Rules of Golf as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Rule books are available from the Club Secretary.

Local Rules: - Players should familiarize themselves with the Local Rules as printed on the scorecard and posted on notice boards. The member’s home page on the OneGolf system is also considered a notice board for this purpose.

Presentations: - Presentations normally take place in the Member’s Lounge on a Saturday as soon as all scorecards have been verified. Players who are likely to win a prize, but are unable to be at the presentation should nominate a player to accept the prize on their behalf. Members who win major trophies through the year are expected to attend the presentation event or when unable to do so appoint another to accept the trophy and thank the donor on their behalf.

Novelties will be handed out at Presentations only. Players should nominate someone to collect their novelty prizes.

Protests: - Any protests in relation to a competition or match must be provided to a committee member in writing immediately on completion of the competition or match. The committee’s decision shall be final.

Guests: - Guests and un-nominated corporate members are welcome to play in all events (subject to committee approval) Players must have a current AGU or WGA handicaps to compete in standard competitions. They may also play in Main Events and Monthly Mug competitions but will not be eligible for the major prizes. Members’ guest green fees apply in addition to competition fee.

Fixtures: - The Committee may alter fixtures, as it deems appropriate. When feasible these changes will be posted on the notice board or web site.




Opening Day: - Perpetual Trophy – Individual Stableford

Autumn Cup: - This is an 18 hole stroke round with full handicaps applied.

Captain’s Prize: - The competition is a match play event. The format is a knockout. The draw is achieved by seeding players according to their exact handicap. Pairings are based on the lowest handicap playing the highest. (Where two or more handicaps are identical the drawing of a lot shall determine the seeding). Where the field is incomplete, lowest handicap players receive a bye, each round is played over 18 holes with full handicaps to apply and the matches are played off the match play index. In the event, the match is square after 18 holes play shall continue (sudden death format) from the first hole with handicaps still applying.

Club Championships: - FORMAT-STROKE: The championships will be played over four rounds.

ENTRY FEE: An entry fee will be charged to cover all 4 rounds of the championship and the plate. The entry fee must be paid prior to the first round.

ELIGIBILITY: The competitions are open to all current members who have played at least 6 handicapped rounds in the previous 12 months. The Committee will make the final determination in regard to eligibility. (See member's notice board for rule of play).

HANDICAPS: Player’s handicaps are fixed at the start of play on the day for the first round and the players must record that handicap on each of their cards for the duration of the championship. Players must use their official handicap.

There will be three grades determined by the player’s handicap at the start of play on the day of the first round. The championships are played off the stick (no handicaps are applied). The club champions will be the players with the lowest total score over the four rounds in each grade.

Club Champion – all players are eligible.

“B” Grade Champion –handicap range will be advised by Committee prior to event.

“C” Grade Champion – handicap range will be advised by Committee prior to event.


Tees: Ladies – Red, Men - Blue. (The committee may alter these tees if required)

Motorised Carts: All players and caddies may use carts. Competitors will be grouped to play with others of their own grade for each of the four rounds. For the first 3 rounds “A” grade will tee off first followed by “B” then “C”. Round 4 will be reversed with “A” grade off last. Rounds 2 and 3 will have players drawn in grades based on their scores, with best in each group going off first. The final round will be drawn in grades with the best teeing off last in each grade.

Ties: In the event of a tie in any grade of the Club Championships, the winner will be decided by a sudden death playoff, with the play off commencing on hole 1 and continuing hole by hole until there is a winner. Any play off will commence after all players have completed their rounds.

The draw for the Club Championships will be done on the Thursday prior to commencement of the event.

The Araluen Plate: - The Araluen Plate is played off handicap (as at the commencement of the first round) run over the same rounds at the Championship and similar details apply. The winner is the player with the lowest nett score over the four rounds in each grade. There will be one Club Plate Champion (best player off handicap) available to be won by any player competing irrespective of the grade they play in.

Ties: In the event of a tie, the plate will be decided by a play off over 18 holes to be played on the next Saturday afternoon. If there is still a tie after this round the winner will be decided on a count back over that round.

Club Pairs Championship: - This event will be played in pairs over two rounds of 18 hole golf on a single day. The format will be either foursomes or better ball and/or a combination of these formats. Variations to this format may be determined by the committee.

Club Match Play Championship: - 8 qualifiers are established in each grade though a preliminary stroke round the week prior to the Championships commencing. Gross scores are used to seed players in their grade. Qualifying players then compete (no handicaps are applied) in a knock out match play competition in their grades. (See the member’s notice board for more details)

President’s Trophy: - This is an individual Stableford competition over 18 holes.

Wildflower Trophy: - Individual Stableford over 18 holes.

Foundation Day Cup: - To commemorate the opening of the club (4th November, 1994) the Owners sponsor this 18 hole Team and Individual Stableford event, through invitation to members of the club and special guests of the owners. Teams consist of four players, and the best three scores on each hole are used for the team score.

Christmas Hamper: - A team Ambrose social event played over 9 holes and restricted to members and their families and committee approved guests.

Eclectic Competitions: - Eclectic competitions may be held during the year. The eclectic score is the lowest score obtained at each hole in the nominated rounds for the duration of the event. The scores are then totalled for the full 18 holes and are subject to deduction of three quarters of the player’s handicap at the end of the last round in the competition.

Vice Captain’s Trophy: - This will be a two ball Ambrose event over 18 holes off the blue tees with each player required to have a minimum of six drives. ¼ of the combined handicap is used.

Winter Bowl: - This is an individual Stableford Competition over 18 holes.

General Manager’s Trophy: - This is a 4Ball better ball Stableford Competition over 18 holes white tees

Scott Kirkbride Trophy: - This is an individual Stableford Competition over 18 holes

Roger Mackay Memorial Day: - This is an 18 hole Stableford event. This event is held in memory of the late Roger Mackay a Co-designer of the Araluen Golf Course.

Tiger Snake Challenge: - This is an individual Stroke event played over 18 holes

Wildflower Trophy: - This is an individual Stableford Competition over 18 holes

Mother’s Day Perpetual Trophy: - This is an individual Stableford Competition over 18 holes

Fred Davis Putting Competition: - This is a pool and then knock out competition played on a selected green at the Resort.

The Committee reserves the right to modify any detail they determine necessary or desirable.

Mug of Mugs: - Winners of the preceding 12 months Monthly Mugs will be eligible to compete in the “Mug of Mugs” competition. Format of this competition will be determined by the committee prior to the event.