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Joining is as

EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3







Step One. Join the Araluen Golf Resort. Contact the Araluen Golf Resort Pro Shop on 9397 9033, and pay the Resort membership fees. Your  Araluen Golf Club fee of $80 is then paid directly to our treasurer. Email treasurer@araluengolfclub.com.au for banking details. At this stage you will be provided the necessary paperwork to complete your application to join the Araluen Country Club Inc (Araluen Golf Club).

Step Two. Complete an application form to join Araluen Country Club Inc. To complete the application you will need the assistance of a current member or contact one of the committee. They will run through some information, help you complete the forms and provide copies of the fixtures book, a golf rules book and a guide to golf etiquette, as well as nominate you for membership. There is an initial probationary period of up to three months after which the Committee reviews your involvement with the Club. When your membership is formalised you will be advised by email.

Step Three. If you do not currently have a handicap you wil need to contact our handicapper by email: handicapper@araluengolfclub.com.au He will explain how you can obtain your golf link handicap and arrange for you to play with a committee member or other members so you can submit cards and obtain your official handicap. If you already have a handicap he will arrange to include it in our system. Ian Pettersson or another committee member will be able to book you in to play. When you have obtained your GolfLink handicap and number, your details can be entered into our system. You will then receive an email explaining the booking system and providing your personal login details.


On the course: - Traditional golf attire which is neat and tidy is to be worn on the course. Denim clothing, track suits, shirts with excessive advertising slogans or shirts without collars are not permitted.  

Regulation golf shoes should be worn. Shoes with soles or heels of a type liable to cause damage to the course are not permitted. Metal spikes are not permitted on the course.

Men: - All shirts to have collars and be tucked in. Tailored shorts which are a reasonable length, worn with a belt and long or short socks may be worn. Shorts with a drawstring or elastic are not permitted.

Women: - Skirts, tailored shorts (not more than 15cm above the knee), tailored mid-calf pants and tailored slacks. Abbreviated shorts, skirts and tops and jean type slacks not permitted. Golf tops must have a collar (which may also be turtle neck, polo neck or crew neck). Tailored fitted shirts may be worn outside skirts, shorts or slacks. The shirt may have side slits but not loose-hemmed. Sleeveless tops with collars are acceptable.

In the Clubhouse: - Smart casual dress with foot wear worn at all times. No thongs, tracksuits, tank tops/singlet or sun tops allowed. Golf shoes to be worn in designated areas only..



The Members Lounge is for members and their guests. Children will not be permitted in this area on Saturdays or on other club competition days, without the approval from the Committee.

Members may introduce guests to the club subject to the following.

Members and guests should identify themselves to the club staff if requested to do so.

Green fees for members guest are payable to the Resort. It is the responsibility of the members to ensure that these fees are paid. The member must play with their guests.

Member’s guests may play in the ACC competitions provided that the competition fee is paid. Guest will not be eligible to win Major Trophies or the Monthly Mug.

A member may invite each individual guest for golf up to six times a year.



Sand Buckets: - members and their gusts must carry sand buckets at all times.

Please avoid taking divots during practice swings, particularly on Tees.

Divots: - Players are required to repair all divots as follows:

     •          Remove any loose turf from the divot

     •          Break in the sides of the divot with a golf club

     •          Fill the divot with sand. Do not overfill the divot.

Pitch Marks: - Please repair your ball mark and try to repair at least two others. A pitch mark properly repaired will heal within

24 hours whereas an un-repaired pitch mark can take up to 14 days to mend properly.

     •          Correct Method

          o          Discard the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball

          o         Insert the pitch mark repairer tool just outside of the back of the pitch mark

          o          Lever the turf towards the centre of the pitch mark

          o          Repeat this motion from all sides of the pitch mark

          o          Gently tap the repaired area with your putter.

     •          Incorrect Method

          o          Do not replace the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball.

                       It will die and delay the healing process.

          o          Do not pry up the centre of the depression with the pitch mark repairer as it exposes

                     the soil and will delay the healing process

          o          Do not insert the pitch mark repairer and twist it. This only breaks more turf loose

Bunkers: - Rake all bunkers carefully and evenly after playing from them.

      •         Leave the lie that you would want for yourself.

      •         Replace the rake fully into the bunker with the handle pointing away from the centre of the bunker.

     •          Try to push sand away from the edge

Buggies On The Course: - members are encouraged to use the cart paths at all times. The Travel along the path until you

reach your ball and then turn off at 90 degrees. Return to the path after playing your shot. Players shall not take buggies onto

greens or across BLUE LINES marked in front of greens or green surrounds or on the Tees. Notices and green staff directional

markers regulating the movement of golf buggies should be strictly observed.



Golf Etiquette: - The following shall be observed:

     If there is any possibility a ball has been lost, (outside a hazard) a provisional ball should be played immediately.

     Players should play at all times without delay. Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found. They should not search for five minutes before doing so. Players who call through another match should not continue to play until the players called through are out of range.

     In Par and Stableford competitions pick up your ball as soon as allowed strokes are exhausted.

     No player shall putt when his partner has already won the hole.

     No one is to move, talk or stand close to, or directly behind the ball or the hole, when a player is addressing the ball or        making a stroke.

     The player with lowest handicap of the match automatically becomes the Captain of that match and it is his/her responsibility to ensure that the etiquette and the Rules of the game are observed at all times.

     Players with motorised buggies and carts must keep a reasonable distance from a tee until the group ahead moves from the tee.

In all events members are urged to assist in speeding up play by:

     Walking directly to their own ball.

     Placing buggies or golf carts in the position, which enables the quickest clearing of the green when the hole is completed.

     Playing a provisional ball in stroke events whenever doubt exists about finding the original ball.

     Establishing who has the honour before reaching the tee and having the player with the honour ready to hit.

     At all times keeping up with the players in front. If your group falls more than a fairway behind, call up the next group. Slow play will not be tolerated on the course. During member’s competition days, all groups are expected to complete each 9 holes in a maximum of 2 hrs 20 mins. A total tile of 4 hrs 40 mins will be allowed for 18 holes. Warning for slow play may be given and failure to make up time may result in a 2 stroke penalty for each player in the group.

Practice Play: - Members are permitted to practice on the course with no more than 2 balls. Members should use the practice range, chipping and putting area for more intensive practice. Do not collect practice balls off the practice range.

Ground Staff: - Ground staff shall have priority over players and the players must wait until the staff member finishes their particular job or signals them to proceed.

Completion of a round: - Players commencing a competition are expected to remain to complete the round except when prevented by sickness or injury. Failure to do so often makes it difficult for your playing partners and is considered very bad etiquette.